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Essential oils are aromatic volatile liquids derived from plants. Their use in everyday life dates back to 4500 BC, and today their health-enhancing benefits can be found in more than 400 Young Living products.

As a global leader in the research and development of innovative essential oil and health-related products. Using the highest quality therapeutic-grade essential oils and leading-edge technology, Young Living has developed a line of products designed to help people of every age live healthier and happier lives. Their state-of-the-art laboratory and cutting-edge production facility ensure that every Young Living product consistently leads the industry in purity, quality, and effectiveness.

Young Living is committed to uniting ancient traditions and modern science to promote health and longevity. Through extensive research and commitment to quality, they are dedicated to growing, distilling, manufacturing, and marketing the highest-quality organic essential oils and oil-enhanced products in the world.

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The Essential Oils Desk Reference is a comprehensive guide to the applications of therapeutic-grade essential oils. There is also a convenient online version that can be accessed on many mobile devices. The EODR is one of the most complete essential oils reference books available. Experts in the field have said:

“The Essential Oils Desk Reference is a godsend to the world… This book needs to be in every home and office in the country and should be the basis for courses taught in our colleges and public schools.” – David Stewart, Ph.D.

“After closely examining this comprehensive reference to essential oils, I find myself understanding their usage as never before! This unparalleled scientific work is truly worth its weight in gold. Taking essential oils to a new level of understanding and therapeutic application, this book will long be heralded as a benchmark into the new millennium.” – Brengon G. Yorgason, Ph.D

The handy, smaller version of the EDR mentioned above, the Essential Oils Pocket Reference, includes the entire single oils chapter from the big EDR, complete with photos. This more portable, compact version of the EDR is coil-bound so it will lay flat while in use. It’s 5″ x 6.5″ format fits neatly in purse, pack or briefcase.

This pocket version includes chapters on Safety, Applications, Raindrop Technique, Vita Flex procedures, Emotional Response, and the complete essential oils Singles chapter with photos.

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Have you ever found it difficult to decide which nutritional supplements or essential oils your body will prefer?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could ask your body what it prefers? With the Compass System you can! There’s even a Weight Management product category that scans for related products.

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Since the short scan is so quick and simple, we are asked, “How does it report reliable information? How does it work?”

Consider these facts…

  • We are energetically alive.
  • We receive and transmit energy.
  • Emotions are energy in motion.
  • Nutritional supplements carry energy patterns.
  • Therapeutic-grade essential oils have measurable energetic frequency.

Observations and random thoughts about the Compass Scan…

“Recently I participated in a quick and easy test using a Zyto Compass machine. This device was connected to a notebook computer and the only preliminary information that was provided to the data base was the date, my name, gender, address and age. Then, I placed my right hand on the Compass unit which functions as a transducer. (The dictionary description of a transducer is: “A device that receives a signal in the form of one type of energy and converts it to another form.”) One description of a transducer is a microphone that converts acoustic energy into electrical impulses.

As an Electrical Engineer who worked in the telecommunications industry for 40 years, I think of a portable radio as a transducer. A room is full of radio signals that we cannot see or feel, yet a radio when tuned to the correct frequency of the signals allows us to hear the news or music in the room.

The Compass devise detects energy from our body through various points on our hand as we hold it on the hand rest. In five minutes the unit analyzes its findings and relates a minimal amount of Young Living products indicated to be compatible with balanced energies.

As an engineer who is trained to think logically, testing using this devise makes sense to me, and I believe it will be quite beneficial to others.”

- Walt Anderson, P.E.

Frequently asked questions…

Are the results accurate?

Yes. ZYTO practitioners have performed tens of thousands of assessments worldwide. Practitioners have also used other modalities to evaluate the results of their ZYTO software with great results.

What can I treat or diagnose with the technology?

ZYTO technology is not designed to treat or diagnose. It is designed to assist the individual in finding the body’s preferences for any list of items. This information is invaluable in helping determine which product is going to maximize therapeutic results.

Do you have FDA approval?

ZYTO Corporation has letters from Underwriters Laboratories (UL), a registered, FDA approval organization stating that ZYTO’s technology is not a medical device and therefore does not require FDA approval. We are always reviewing the changes in the industry to be sure that we are in compliance.

How far apart should I do the assessments?

This is really up to your discretion or that of the practitioner. There are situations where an assessment could be done every day, and others where it makes sense done every month.

How does the technology work?

In the most basic terms, ZYTO technology uses quantum physics as well as Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) technology to measure electrical conductivity of the skin. A client places their hand on the hand cradle, the ZYTO Compass sends stimuli to the body using digital signatures that represent actual things, and the fluctuations in GSR are measured and interpreted. The response helps the practitioner to see the items being assessed, which ones it prefers, and how much it prefers them. This knowledge helps the practitioner to maximize results by helping their clients choose the right solutions at the right time.

How does the subscription work, what is it for, what does it cover?

There is a nominal monthly subscription fee for the use of the ZYTO Compass software. This money pays for ongoing training, support, and software upgrades. The subscription is also used to maintain secure databases that are used to backup your ZYTO data in the event of a computer failure or other problem that may cause loss of data.